I Am a Writer


When the census comes again

I’ll reflect before I pen

The slot for occupation.


What occupies my mind

And helps me to unwind

Is writing, my avocation.


I'm occupied with truth

And a way to use "forsooth"

To make my point attractive.


I'm occupied with love,

To write the meaning of,

To make it interactive.


I'm occupied with fair,

To spread it everywhere

With words that call for justice.


I'm occupied with right,

To preclude the use of might

To forcefully adjust us.


I'm occupied with words

And frequently with birds

To give wings to my meanings.


I'm occupied with a way

To find exact words to say

That voice my philosophical leanings.


To write my occupation,

To cut out obfuscation

To answer clear and tight,

I'll simply write "I write."


                    Chris Brockman



The philharmonia of birds is

Tuning up to greet the nascent day.

A dove plays its breathy flute

Turning the twittering cacaphony

To a concerto for calm.

Night's mottled, muted memories

Still echo in the chamber

Of discordant dreams.

Sleep opera traces recede

As the sun rises, taps its baton,

And prepares to conduct a new day.

The concerto proceeds

In an uncertain key.

Morning or mourning,

The dove doesn't know

The difference.


                Chris Brockman












I write because I need to communicate.  Curt John Ducasse in his Philosophy of Art wrote that artists, including writers, are successful when what they create reflects back to them what they intended to create.  I guess one can communicate with him or herself, all right, but I want to communicate with you who are reading this.   I want to share truth and beauty,  like any artist.  I want to alert you to ugliness and evil.  I want to share what I see and what I think and what I feel. Communication will happen when that sharing is successful, when you either simply understand where I'm "coming from," or you find a mutuality of mind, heart, or spirit.  Whether you agree or don't agree, the sharing is the important part; successful writing is a window, more than a mirror.  I see you when I write; I need for you to see me, or I have failed as a writer.
I invite you to check out the books and other publications on this site to see if they would likely speak to you or someone you know.  Then, consider adopting one, using one of the methods listed.  Also, please consider "Liking" the Facebook Growing Up in Boom Times and I Used To Be Old pages.  Thanks.  
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